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Live Saltwater Fish

Live Saltwater Fish, Omaha, NE At Nebraska Aquatic Supply we offer a variety of common fish but also have access to the rarest and hardest to find fish in the world. What makes our fish different? It starts from the beginning. When our fish arrive they start with a freshwater dip, this helps to remove unwanted hitchhikers on the fish. From there we match the salinity and temperature in our acclimation containers to the water they arrived in. We start the drip acclimation process to bring the salinity up to our systems level. During this process the fish are treated with Formalin. Once the water reaches the proper salinity they are moved into our quarantine system where they are treated with Copper and Chloroquine Phosphate during the quarantine period. Additionally we add medication for internal parasites to their food. Once fish complete this process they are then moved out to our for sale tanks. Then our entire quarantine system is torn down, disinfected and started over to get ready for the next batch of fish. Why do all this? Our commitment is to provide the healthiest fish in the area.

We have a huge inventory of live saltwater fish, so we can supply the demand of our clients. In fact, all our previous clients from Omaha, Irvington, and Omaha were very happy with the wide options that we have in our store. We're sure that you'll also find one that will be perfect for your aquarium. You may also call us at our hotline so we can prepare your requests before you drop by our store.

Great Selection of Live Saltwater Fish at a Client-friendly Price

The great thing about getting your live saltwater fish from us is that we sell it at client-friendly rates. We are probably the only pet fish store in the Omaha area that sell various types of fish species at competitive rates. This pricing strategy is not intended to kill competition but is focused on encouraging more people to engage in a wonderful hobby.

In addition, our extensive network of pet fish lovers and collectors allows us to offer our live saltwater fish at a lower price. We also have reliable partner vendors in the country where we source most of our collection. And for clients who have special requests, we can easily find the species they want because of our linkage with other collectors in Japan, Australia, Hawaii, and Indonesia.

Choosing Your Desired Live Saltwater Fish is Easy

Our large facility allows customers to easily select their desired fish species. Our livestock is properly grouped and kept in 6000-gallon display tanks. This setup makes us the largest aquarium store in Omaha, IA, and surrounding areas.

Live Saltwater Fish, Omaha, NE Meanwhile, here are the most sought-after live saltwater fish in our collection:

  • Regal angel
  • Blue hepatus tang
  • Ocellaris clownfish
  • Yellowtail blue damsel
  • Female lyretail anthias
  • Strawberry dottyback
  • Pajama Cardinal
  • Purple firefish goby
  • Copperband butterfly
  • Powder blue tang
  • Green mandarin goby
  • Saddleback clownfish
  • Majestic angel

We also have in our tank different varieties of Hawkfish, Groupers, Basslets, Blennies, Hogfish, Lionfish, Wrasses, Triggers, Rabbitfish, Hamlets, Squirrelfish, and Sweetlips. If you're looking for types not mentioned in this list, just tell our staff and we will do our best to source them for you.

The Perfect Aquarium Setup for Your Saltwater Fish

Aside from providing healthy saltwater fish, we also have other supplies for saltwater aquariums. We highly recommend our high-end corals that you can place in your saltwater aquarium. You can also opt for our inexpensive frags, and let it grow into a beautiful colony. We also have plants, stones, and supplies to make your aquarium look more natural and attractive.

And don't forget to get your aquarium equipment from us. We carry the best brands in the industry, so you won't have to worry about getting frequent replacements for your pumps, skimmers, and other vital aquarium components. We also offer setup and installation at budget-friendly rates. Just tell us your requirements, and we'll work out the best design and setup.

Call us today at 402-934-8206 for your inquiries.
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