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Aquarium Food, Omaha, NE Nebraska Aquatic Supply offers the area’s best selection of fish and coral foods. You will find a full line selection of Hikari Frozen, Larry's Reef Frenzy, Rods, Aqua Treasure, and Sally’s as well as a large variety of flake an and pellet foods from Cobalt, Seachem, Ocean Nutrition and New Life Spectrum. We also carry a variety of foods for your corals and plants

Give your saltwater or freshwater fish the nutrition they need to maintain their health. We carry a variety of nutritious treats and foods ranging from traditional tropical fish food flakes to specially formulated food pellets. Different types of fish need different types of food. At Nebraska Aquatic Supply, we offer food for all types of fish.

Fish Varieties & Their Diet Needs

The food needs of different fish vary, not just based on what they eat, but also on how they feed.

  • Goldfish need a higher-vegetable content diet
  • Tropical fish usually need food with higher protein and fat content
  • Bettas and similar fish are carnivorous
  • Top-feeders have upturned mouths and like to feed at the water’s surface
  • Downturned-mouth fish feed at the bottom and require sinking food pellets made of plant matter and algae

We supply all the different types of foods to meet the feeding needs of your fish, including live foods.

Some species prefer frozen or thawed marine foods containing seafood such as seaweed, plankton, and shrimp. Others like live foods. So, we suggest that you conduct some research or consult our knowledgeable staff before choosing the matching foods. We also offer sinking pellets for invertebrates.

We offer all the food options you will need to boost your fish’s vitality and health. The diets of fish can vary not just by the species, but also by their size and their place of origin. We offer fish foods in different forms including flakes, pellets, and frozen to meet your aquarium’s unique needs. We also offer foods for reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates. Feel free to contact us at 402-934-8206 for more information about our products or write to us.

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