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Live Coral

Live corals are critical contributors to the structure of a reef in nature and reef aquariums. When it comes to adding more life to your aquarium, choosing the right corals can make a world of a difference. While there are a few factors that need to be considered when making your selection, we can help address your specific needs and preferences. Welcome to Nebraska Aquatic Supply. If you are looking to find the best corals, you have come to the right place. We offer a wide selection of aquarium invertebrates and unique corals.

Create A More Beautiful & Livelier Aquarium

Live Coral, Omaha, NE We are a popular freshwater and saltwater fish destination in Omaha, NE, serving clients throughout the region. We are driven by the goal to provide you with a wider selection of fish, fish food supplies, live corals, plants, and various aquarium supplies to help create a beautiful and lively ecosystem that you will love to nurture.

Live corals can enhance your aquarium’s beauty and bring a feel of nature to your living room or wherever your aquarium is placed. When it comes to choosing these organisms to enrich your aquarium, a lot depends on your experience. If you have more experience in maintaining aquariums, you should consider choosing a more complex reef. If not, we suggest choosing a simpler coral structure that has less-demanding corals.

You may be an aquarium owner who is new to placement, water flow, dietary needs, and lighting. In that case, our experienced team can suggest beginner corals that are resilient, less demanding, and perfect for caretakers with less experience.

Caring For Live Corals

When it comes to caring for your marine coral, you must know about individual husbandry requirements. This covers areas such as:

  • Water flow
  • Lighting
  • Water motion
  • Placement
  • Temperature
  • Supplement & dietary needs

Our selection of live corals can make a big difference to your marine aquarium. Some of the various benefits include:

  • Adding bio-diversity to your aquarium
  • Keeping the water clean
  • Providing food source for some species of marine life

Tips to Get the Best from Your Reef Aquariums

When it comes to reef aquariums, it is important to maintain an adequate gap between the different species of soft and hard corals. This is essential to prevent issues with aggression and growth. The soft corals we offer typically grow fast. They are hardy and resilient and are suited for inexperienced aquarists. When you add live rock to your marine aquarium, you will be adding a crucial food source. Among other benefits, it will keep the water crystal clear, making it easier to maintain the system.

Live corals are important to the structure of not just natural reefs, but also aquariums. The way some species look can vary based on the environment they receive. When it comes to raising corals in aquariums, you will need to have to give a little more care than most fish. It will be required to have some understanding of the chemical, biological, and physical needs of corals. It will be required to consider factors such as coral aggression, algae competition, disease, and corallivory.

At Nebraska Aquatic Supply, we have a large selection of live corals for all kinds of users. If you want to learn more about our services, feel free to get in touch with us at 402-934-8206 or write to us and we will call you back.
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